5 best Gaming Headsets for under $100

Headsets can easily exceed $100, $200, and even $300. This makes it hard to find a headset with good qualities while keeping it at an affordable price. This list will showcase the best gaming headsets under $100 in 2021.

# 1 Razer Blackshark V2

The Razer Blackshark v2 is the cheaper version of the Blackshark v2 Pro. The only difference between the two is that the v2 is wired while the v2 Pro is wireless. Also, the v2 is of course cheaper.

Razer is such an amazing brand and I couldn’t say it enough. I appreciate how they make the headset so that it satisfies all their customers. With the v2 everything is put together so delightfully that it feels like the headset was custom to me, and my likings. From the soft ear cushions to the magnificent sound that comes through everything was up and beyond my preferences.

The ear cushions alone sold me on the headset. They are plush and have a honeycomb design allowing air to pass through. The clamping force is low enough to prevent too much pressure but enough to keep the headsets on.

The sound came through smoothly along the way and there were no issues with it whatsoever. My only concern is that the durability is relying on four thin brackets that didn’t concern me at the time but later down the road it can make it seem a little skeptical.

The microphone stood out as it was bigger than any microphone I had ever seen. However, that made for one of the best microphones that I have ever used. This headset is unforgettable in the sense that if someone were to ask what was your favorite headset, or what headset would you recommend? I bet one of the first ones that would come to mind is this one.

Even though this headset sits right at the 100 Dollar mark I would still say that this is the best gaming headset under 100 dollars. 

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# 2 Logitech G Pro

The Logitech G Pro is the cheaper version of the G Pro X. The reasoning for the G Pro being less expensive than the G Pro X is that it doesn’t come with Blue Voice technology, and it’s. not compatible with the Nintendo Switch, or Xbox. Apart from that these headsets are practically identical. While the Logitech G Pro X stands around 120 dollars the Logitech G Pro sits around the $90 to $100 mark sitting at max budget.

That makes this one of the best gaming headsets under $100. For starters, it has impeccable durability. With the headband being stainless steel it holds up the headset very nicely, and comfortably. The ear cup materials consist of hard plastic ensuring that the drivers don’t get damaged. Then there’s the comfort. Memory foam is used throughout to create a comfortable setting. Low to medium clamping force is also used to guarantee the headset doesn’t fall off or push too hard against the head.

The amazing headset also comes with interchangeable ear cushions if preferred! The microphone works outstandingly well and has noise cancellation which will only pick up your voice. The drivers also work amazingly well as they make the sound come through with utmost clarity.

Even though the Logitech G Pro is at the max budget of $100 it does give you everything and more to ensure a long-lasting product.

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# 3 Razer Kraken

Razer Kraken- Headset

The Razer Kraken cost $70 and is what I would call a headset built for first-person shooters. With the headset, high-quality spatial audio makes hearing the slightest of movements possible. The headset comes with a lot of basses which is a really good thing because the extra bass is the thing that points out the enemies. For multi-compatible and better overall sound Razer has included a THX audio Controller that allows Pc players to join the fun.

Along with the headset comes Razer’s iconic memory foam ear cushions. The ear cushions also have a cooling gel preventing the headset from overheating.
The Razer Kraken is equipped with an integrated noise-canceling microphone. However, an issue that I had with the microphone is that after playing for three hours I would have to unplug and plug the headset back into my controller because the microphone overheated and started to glitch out. Nevertheless, this headset surprised me greatly in terms of sound and overall comfort.

Choosing between the Razer Kraken, and the HyperX Cloud II to be higher on the list was one of the harder choices I had to make in this review. When I had my final choice of the Razer Kraken I came to realize it was because of a couple of things. Firstly it came with the THX controller. Even though console players aren’t capable of using it, Pc players now get the opportunity to use the headset. Secondly, it fits automatically. What I mean is all you have to do is adjust it to your head size and it fits exceeding well. There were also many great things including its Sound and noise cancellation.

The main reason why it was so hard to choose between the two was also for the reason that they were the same price, and a lot of features about them were the same. Regardless, the HyperX Cloud II is also an amazing headset.

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# 4 HyperX Cloud II

The HyperX Cloud II headset has always ranked fairly high as a good headset and I completely agree. The nice thing about this headset is that it cost 70 dollars giving some room between the 100 dollar mark. This headset comes with great features including the noise cancellation microphone and the good build durability of the metal brackets. 

Starting with the ear cushions I can say that they are good but not the best. The higher clamping force and the materials that are used to surround the ear cushions make it uncomfortable in some situations. You will have to take time to break in these ear cushions. However, it shouldn’t take longer than a week and a half.

The durability is very well built. The headset uses two big metal brackets that go through the headband. Everywhere else on the headset is a hard plastic that protects the drivers.

The sound is very clean. What I mean is that it sounds how you would want your game to sound. It pinpoints the important parts of your game while still giving you the ability to hear other things around the game. out of 10, I would give it an 8.5

The microphone is equipped with a boom microphone stopping a good amount of background noise from going through. It is attachable so anytime that you don’t need it you can put it to the side.

Overall I think that this headset is fine as it is. It’s exactly what you think that you would get for 70 dollars. That’s one of the reasons I put it in the top 5 because it shows you are getting what you are paying for and all in all it’s a great headset.

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# 5 Corsair HS60

It was just recently that I found out about the Corsair HS60 headset being a gaming headset. It was also recently that I found out that Corsair was even a brand! However, after searching for the last headset to be on my list I stumbled across this one and said let’s give it a try. Now, here we are today and the Corsair HS60 made it!

Of the bat, the Corsair HS60 costs 63 dollars!!  Even though this headset is cheaper it performed just as well as a 130 dollar headset that I’ve tested.
The pros can include that it has a particular sound that at first sounds normal but in games like first shooters a slight bit of bass will kick in when there are enemies nearby. The durability seems well structured as there are two metal brackets on the sides which goes through the headband and like always hard plastic everywhere else.

The Corsair HS60 is supplied with a detachable microphone that also comes with a boom mic. Additionally, my friends and other people I join said that this headsets microphone sounded clearer than the Arctis 9x which is a 200 dollar headset (even without the boom mic)!

Here’s where it gets a little shaky. The clamping force was way too high. One thing that it needs is more padding. It feels a little light on padding and the leatherette makes it hot after a couple of hours. Other than that I’ve gotten used to wearing it for a couple of hours.

For 63 dollars there’s nothing to complain about. It has everything a person could want at a low price.

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