Why Headphones?

I chose to review  gaming headphones because they are the starting point to any great gaming experience. I also chose headphones because anytime I’m in a game chat with friends the number one problem is that their headphones don’t work. My goal then was to make a website that would help people find an ideal headphone before buying a unreliable one.

What Is Our Mission?

Our mission is to make sure that everyone can have the most qualified headphone for the most reasonable prices. We guarantee that every headphone that we put on our list of top favorites will suite your needs from a comfortable fit, to a durable headphone that won’t break anytime soon.

FAQ: Are the Headphones Affordable?

Yes, We find this to be very important because some people will spend hundreds of dollars every year on headphones. However, Code Blue Gaming will assure you that all headphones that have been reviewed come at a reasonable price. Some headphones will vary between prices, but we can assure you that at least one of our headphones will be perfect for you. 

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