Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets To Buy For Black Friday 2021!!

Before Black Friday starts and ends, I want to share with you the Best Gaming Headsets deals for Black Friday 2021 that are on sale for a limited time only! From cheap to expensive headsets, we got you covered.

Now, enjoy your time browsing through all these amazing headsets!

#1. Hyper X Cloud Stinger

Hyper X Cloud

For a limited time the Hyper X Cloud Stinger is only $34.99 making it the cheapest headset in our review. As said in our Gaming Headset Buyers Guide the Hyper X Cloud stinger wireless was an amazing headset. Although this is the wired version it is still a great headset for new buyers of gaming headsets. It’s affordable, simple to use, and is definitely a long lasting headset. So we definitely recommend checking this headset out before time runs out.

Buy Hyper X Cloud Now

#2 Razer Kraken X

The Razer Kraken was just another headset that was super great in terms of the usual comfort, durability, and especially sound quality. This was one of my favorite headsets to test out because all and all it just felt good. This headset is on sale for a limited time for only $38.99. This deal blows everything out of the water in our Best Gaming Headset deals so go ahead and try it out today and see what you think about it.

Buy Razer Kraken X Now

#3 Logitech G432

The Logitech G 432 is going on sale right now for only $48.99! This is another great headset made by Logitech. With spatial surround sound you’ll be able to hear every little thing on the dot and with its pull down microphone you can easily call out plays to your teammate. Go ahead and check out the Logitech G432 while prices last.

Buy Logitech G432 now

#4 JBL Quantum 300

Another Outstanding Headset, with an Outstanding price goes to the JBL Quantum 300. This headset has an all black look making it look sleek, and expensive. Right now the JBL Quantum 300 is on sale for a limited time at $59.95. This headset is packed with comfort and amazing qualities all around. Make sure you try  out this headset before the deals go away.

Buy JBL Quantum 300 Now

#5 Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Not to long ago I did a review on the Razer Kraken Tournament addition and it was a phenomenal headset to be able to use. This headset was once $99.99 but now for a limited time is only $69.99. Get this headset while Prices Last!

Buy Razer Kraken Tournament Edition Now

#6 Steelseries Arctis 5

Save 20% on the Steelseries Arctis 5. With all day cool comfort playing your favorite games will be easier than ever. With included noise cancelation you’ll be fully immersed into your game. Steelseries is now one of the top gaming headset brands there is and I can to stand behind that. Now go check out the Steelseries Arctis 5. (was 99.99 now79.99).

Buy Steelseries Arctis 5 Now


The ASTRO A50 headset is definitely higher end when it comes to Gaming headsets. The retail price is $286.99 for the Playstation Model and for the Xbox model 329.95

But with Black Friday around the corner you can get the playstation model for only $110. Then, for the Xbox model you can get it for 139.99

Buy ASTRO A50 Now
Buy ASTRO A50 Now

#8 Corsair Virtuoso

The Corsair Virtuoso is the higher end version of the Corsair Game-one gaming headset. This headset is on sale for a limited time for 239.99 this might seem high but the retail price goes for 269.99

Make sure you grab a pair of the Corsair Virtuoso before this amazing deal ends.

Buy the corsair virtuoso now

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