Corsair Hs60 Pro

Recently the Corsair HS60 Pro has been getting a lot of attention from other gamers. I knew that I wanted to test and review them so I did the only rational thing…I persuaded my dad through the checkout until it said: “Will Be Delivered In 2 Day”. After completing that mission I waited 2 very long days. I soon came to realize that I was so excited about trying them out, that I lost a lot of energy for that day, and when I received them I was too tired to even use them.

The next day I was so excited. I opened up the package, went through the box, and went straight into testing. After a couple of hours of testing, I came up with results that I wasn’t expecting. I recommend that you keep reading to find out.


Once I got to gaming I had a good time. I talked to my friends while we were playing our usual games, and overall we were just having a good time. A couple of hours passed and my friends sadly had to go. I figured that this would be a perfect time to do some real tests. Right off the bat, I noticed that it had good durability. It had the usual hard plastic exterior covering 50% of the headset while the fork and headband were made out of metal. It was fairly flexible nothing out of the ordinary for a headset. However when going through the key parts such as comfort, sound, etc. I found that many things felt off.

The first thing was that there was a microphone…but no place to put it. It took me a good 5 minutes until I realized that there was a microphone cover. I didn’t find the point of there being one. All it did was cover the hole where the microphone was and made things a lot more confusing for me. It comes with an extra one of these which I find to be pointless but, there might be a better reason that Corsair added this feature in.

After another hour I was done playing and let my brother try out the headset. Not even 10 minutes later and he tells me it’s way too tight. At the time I had no issues with it so I told him I disagreed and went back the next day to try it. At first, I was fine. It felt good, and everything was working fine. But every hour that went by, the pain grew on the side of my head. for the first 2 to 3 hours I thought nothing of it. Then came hour 4 and the pressure was getting worse. About thirty minutes later the clamping force was so strong, the ear cushions felt like rocks. Over time it got better but it never fit me perfectly.


One thing that threw me off was this one time where I think my sound was swapped. I was playing Apex with my friends that day and I heard an enemy a floor above me. I then start to run to the second floor I then used a zip-line to get there. Once I got to the second floor I heard the enemy was to the right of me so I went that way only to find that there was no one there. Two seconds later I’m calling for backup.

I was so confused why my sound was backward so I looked to see if I was wearing my headset wrong and I wasn’t. I didn’t have this problem again but till this day I wonder what happened. From then on nothing felt off with the headset I questioned if it was just the headset that I received or if this how it was with all the headsets.

The Truth About The Corsair HS60-

I might have been a little harsh on the review but all the things I said did happen. Other than the one accident, the sound was fantastic. It didn’t have much bass but everything was clear. I could always tell where enemies were and after finally getting the microphone into the headset, I was able to use the great boom mic to tell my teammates where the enemies were.

The Corsair HS60 is a great headset. Even though it’s not wireless and has some flaws it still makes for a great start-up headset

The headset is capable of being used on all different consoles including Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X, and Pc.

How Much Does It Cost-

The Corsair Hs60 only cost $63 which isn’t abad price for a start up headset. You can also get the all-black version that only costs $56 however, it’s not discord certified. With all the plus sides to the headset, I would say it’s a good deal. However, if I had a choice I would most likely buy something like the Razer Kraken. The Razer Kraken is only $10 more and I feel it has better qualities to it than the Corsair headset. 

When the everything was working fine the Corsair was definitely a competitor but, with the extra clamping force it dropped down the ratings. $63 isn’t a bad price for a headset. However if you’re willing just to spend a little more I would say its worth it.


  • Amazing Sound Quality

  • Affordable

  • Great Start-up Headset


  • High Clamping Force

  • Wasn’t What People Said It Would Be


The Corsair HS60 had a good amount of falls towards the beginning of me testing it. With all its complications, I decided that this isn’t a headset for me. It did have amazing sound. I could easily hear enemies flanking us, and all the waves crashing from Assassins Creed. However, it didn’t hit all the points that I was looking for.

I believe that with a little more effort put into it, this headset could go from a good one, to a great one. Though, for only $63 it’s at a great price. In addition to that, the multi-compatibility will allow any console and Pc players to try it out.

Before hating on this headset I recommend you try it out. It could have been the headset that I received that wasn’t working the best. So before hating on it give it a try.

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