Best Gaming Accessories/Add-Ons for Controllers and PC

Gaming accessories or add-ons aren’t necessary to become better at a game. However, they can become useful in certain games that are “fast paced”. This list of gaming accessories has everything to help both console, and PC players whilst in game. Some accessories/add-ons will also help upgrade your setup to make it look more like a gaming space.

# 1 JoyStick Extenders

A joystick extender is a small joystick piece that has tiny claws at the end allowing it to fit onto your controllers joystick. It has a harden silicone top which makes it more comfortable to use compared to it being only plastic. From what I have learned, it can be tricky to use a first. With it being elevated 9.9mm it will feel foreign for about a week. After that however, it get’s more comfortable, and easier to use.

These extensions help most when using the “Button Puncher” setting whilst in game. What the button puncher setting does is allow you to crouch or go prone without ever moving your thumb away from the joystick. You can also change the setting to allow you to jump, use special ability’s, etc. The main use for this attachment is to allow you to do other actions without having to move you thumb from the joystick.

The Inferno Joystick Extender is the one I’ve been using for almost a year and it’s worked amazingly since. (The Inferno Joystick Extenders are compatible for Xbox X|S,Xbox One, Ps4/Ps5, and also Nintendo Switch as seen above).

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# 2 Controller Paddles

Gaming paddles are similar to the joystick extenders for the fact that the main purpose is to be able to do actions without having to move your hand from one place to another. The only difference between the two is that the paddles sit behind the controller instead of in front. There are also more buttons allowing even less movement because your hands will be in the same spot.

One of the big problems with the paddles is that you need to have an Elite Series Controller, and there are only paddles available for Ps4. Paddles are also another thing that you’ll have to get used to. Thankfully it only takes about 2 to 3 days for your mind to get used to the buttons being on the back of the controller.

They can be very helpful when needed. However, there is a 50/50 chance that you’ll like it or not. Some people find it helpful that it’s right on the back of the controller. But, others rather just use the controller normally.

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# 3 Gaming Microphone

This is definitely something that will make your gaming setup stand out from other. While at my friends house he was explaining to me that this was better to have than a headset with a mic because the sound goes through a lot better, and it has better flexibility so you can move it where ever at anytime.  It was also very convenient because it could easily be put on, or taken off his desk if needed.

Our other friend came over the next day and coincidentally started talking about the microphone and saying how it was so good that he bought one for himself. A nice thing about this design is that it has a plug and play design. Meaning that no extra driver software or sound card is needed.

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# 4 Mobile Gaming Clip

The mobile gaming clip will let you bring your games where ever you want as long as you have a phone and a controller. Like the Nintendo Switch you can play your favorite games without their being a huge console.

When I got the gaming clip I did have to get an app. But, the best part was that it gave me 100’s of free games to play at any time. Although some games can’t be played on this device there were so many other options to choose from. This is a great device to get when traveling. You don’t have to bring any consoles whatsoever. The materials used to make this held up my phone very well and made it easy to attach to my controller.

I would definitely check it out because it’s really cheap,  a good way to play games without a console, and it would a good gift for someone who likes to play games.

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# 5 Racing Wheel

Having this racing wheel inside your room is like having your own little arcade game! When I was younger I saw a YouTuber using it while playing Forza from then on I kept bugging my parents constantly until they finally let me buy one.

The steering wheel kept me in my room for hours on end and always imagined that I was in a real car going through the streets of Australia. With the included clutch it brings the game more to life as you are controlling the car on a whole other lever.

I loved this device because attaching it to my desk and taking it off was very simple. So, whenever I needed the extra desk space I could remove it. Even though it doesn’t spin 360 degrees, I had so much fun racing and cruising Forza with it. I don’t use it much today, but when I do it’s a whole lot of fun.

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