Logitech G Pro X Overview

Just recently in August 2020, Logitech released the Logitech G Pro X that contains Blue Voice technology. This mechanism has never been done with any other leading gaming headset brand. This collaboration between Blue Voice and Logitech sparked a new era of gaming headsets and microphones.

Nonetheless the headphone itself is awe-inspiring. Its headband with 12 different adjustable notches makes it simple to find a first class fit. The Logitech G Pro X, like the Skullcandy Crusher, has memory foam ear cushions providing non-stop comfort.

 I put the Logitech Pro X headphone on my top list considering that I think the collaboration with Blue Voice is going to expand the technology that headphone creators use when making new headphones, also the Logitech headphone itself is remarkable.

Initial Thoughts-

Just from the headphones appearance I recognized that this was a professional headphone. It’s exposed wired coil, and what appears to be metal chrome branding is all it needs for that “professional vibe”. I enjoy how Logitech makes their headphones so casual but, at the same time modern. I then decided to test out how the headphones feel (or comfort). I put them on, and immediately was surprised about how comfortable it was. 

With other headphones it takes a little bit of time to fit into them. However, the Logitech G Pro X fit my exact likings. If it doesn’t fit your exact liking immediately, it has 12 different notches that can be moved up or down to make headspace. The ear cushions have fantastic flexibility and can be moved inward or outward towards your head. But I do wish that they could swivel.

Then again, this headphone is already jammed packed with a lot of accessories.(5 minutes of finger stretching and a cup of coffee later)… Moving on. I was interested to see if the Blue Voice microphone was as good as Logitech said it would be.

So, I went to a party that my friends were at. I was  then receiving comments on how good the microphone was. After a short conversation I was then thrilled knowing that Logitech and Blue Voice made a microphone that was as good as promised.

What is included with the Logitech G ProX-

The packaging was put together very well. Everything that came inside had its own place making it feel appropriately professional. The assortment comes with the Pro gaming headset, PC cable with inline volume and mute, Mobile cable, Y splitter for separate mic and headphone parts, Detachable mic, USB external sound card, Memory foam leatherette pads, an additional Memory foam pad made from cloth, a Setup guide, Safety guide, and a carrying bag that is big enough to hold all of these accessories in it. 

A little more about the Headphone-

The materials used to make this headphone include Aluminum for the fork of the headphone, steel for the headband, Memory foam leatherette for the ear cushions, and for the extra ear cushions Memory foam cloth. I would certainly like to acknowledge that this combination of materials genuinely work well together in the field of looks, stability, and comfort.

The headphone weighs about 320g (about 1 pound) without any cables. When carrying it, it might feel like it’s over a pound but when wearing it you barely know it’s even there. It being one pound makes it very simple to travel with. The headband piece is nicely stitched together with leather and it is very comfortable. Nevertheless, all the materials used makes the headphone very sleek while being comfortable.

Is it Worth it?

 Yes. This headphone is around $124-$200 dollars depending on if you get it wired or wireless. Nonetheless, for what the headphone includes this is actually a very modest price. The headphone provides long-lasting materials, different types of comfort ( The choice between the cloth ear cushion, or the leather ear cushion both of them being very comfortable, as well as the headbands soft memory foam pad), and it also includes a well built mic that will make communication a lot smoother in game. Most headphones nowadays just want to look cool and all high tech.

Don’t worry about that. This headphone is definitely a headphone that will give you all you need to have fun while playing video games. With this headphone there is a good ratio between in game sound and in party communication (You can hear your teammates just as well as you can in game sounds).

This can be very good but at the same time a problem. For example if you’re in a game like Call Of Duty, Apex, Fortnite, Pub G, etc you need to be able to hear what’s happening around you, so if your teammate is making to much noise it will be harder to hear your surroundings, but at the same time if you don’t hear your teammates call out that could cost the game. So it goes both ways being a problem. Though for now I would say yes, this is a 100% worth it headphone.

Wired or Wireless

This headphone is a Wired Headphone. If you want the Logitech G Pro X Wireless, you’ll have to pay an additional $80 dollars for the connector. The initial package has a USB cable that will let you connect the headphone to your controller/PC. I personally don’t think that wired is that bad. Honestly, you might feel the wire a couple of times but it never gets in the way, or is a real bug.

I see a lot of great things from it being wired for a first you don’t have to wait for the connector to connect with the headphone, you just have to plug in a few plugs and you’re ready to go. Another great thing about wired headphones is that there is no sound difference between putting a cord into your controller and a headphone being connected by something that you put into your console/PC. Wired or Wireless I think that this headphone is great either way.


  • Built well

  • Affordable

  • Fits Instantly

  • Great Sound


  • Can get hot

  • Microphone is shorter than expected

  • Doesn’t swivel

  • Somewhat Heavy


I just want to put it out there. This is a really cool headphone. Besides that I love how the performance on the microphone and the actual headphone came out. I knew just from the way it felt that it was a higher end headphone. Sadly though, my time with this incredible headphone has run out. Now please go and have some fun with this outstanding headphone! 

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