Razer Blackshark V2 Pro In-depth Review

Introducing the all-new Razer Blackshark V2 Pro gaming headphone. Razer has long offered some of the best equipment out there and the Blackshark does not disappoint! If you’re looking for a pair of gaming headphones with great ratings, ultra clear audio, and are incredibly comfortable to use for hours at a time, these are the headphones for you.

What’s Included –

In your package you’ll receive your Razer Blackshark V2 Pro headphone, as well as Razer’s Hyper Clear microphone,USB Wireless Transceiver, 3.5mm combo cable, charger, and cloth bag to store your headphones in.

Razer’s Blackshark headphone will allow you to play non stop whenever and wherever you want. Their Hyper Clear microphone will let you talk to friends in a chat, or teammates in game without any mix-up. 

The USB wireless transceiver connects within a second.Sadly not for Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch for those you will have to use the 3.5mm combo cable. Though yet again PC wins. They can use this fast connecting USB transceiver if they can acquire Bluetooth.

The bag that the Razer Blackshark comes with makes it easier to travel with. Like the Logitech G Pro X headphone it uses drawstrings to make sure that your headphones are safe inside.The bag is fairly big and on the bottom has the iconic Razer logo to finish it off.

With the Razer Blacksharks manual you get two stickers. These can go on the side of your headphones to make the logo pop more, or you can put it on your Console/PC to represent Razer.


Currently, the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro is sitting around $179.99 dollars on Amazon. This in my opinion isn’t bad at all. It is one of the more expensive headphones that I have reviewed, though it’s worth it. The headphone is equipped with THX audio which does make it sound better than other branded headphones. Though I did find some delay when it came to gun shots and movement in some games. It didn’t happen a lot but when it did you could tell. 

Do I find this headphones to be overpriced? No. The reason for this is because it does come with the USB wireless transceiver and those can go for a good amount of money. However, if it didn’t come with the transceiver, it would feel more on the pricey side. For $180 dollars, there’s no reason to complain.


Everything that this headphone is made out of is plastic except for the adjusters. Those are made from a thin piece of metal. A downside to it being thin metal is that anytime you stretch out the headphone it will make a clicking noise. This isn’t anything bad and it hasn’t bothered me once(except for the time I heard it) but I want to put it out there just so you know it may do that. 

It is also very flexible from any which way you stretch or pull it. This will ensure that your headphones won’t snap from any stretching(unless you are really trying to break it because in the last 3 seconds of your Rocket League game Michal3475 scored an extra point). 

blackshark v2 pro headphone review

The ear cushions have a nice hard shell back to make sure that your 50mm drivers don’t get damaged if the headphone is dropped. You would think this would be a Turtle Beach headphone for the reason that it looks exactly like a Turtle’s shell. 

Anyways every piece that connects to another is made from the hard plastic making it especially hard to break or wear out. My only concern is how thin the metal is for the adjusters. I haven’t had any problems with it so far so I can’t report any major problems for it. Other than that I think that this headphone is secured very nicely.


This was a super nice headphone to use/wear. I didn’t have any trouble wearing it from hours on end. Really it didn’t give me any problems whatsoever. I admired the ear cushions. I think that Razer was smart about using the memory foam, and cloth ear cushions combination. I think that because this combination is very breathable. 

My ears never got hot or sweaty, and I never needed to take them off for a bit because of this. The ear cushions are a little shallow. Though on the brightside you’re getting more enclosed sound because of your ear being more samurged in the headphone. 

One thing that could be a problem in the future is that the ear cushions don’t seem to come out. What I mean is what it sounds like. Even with a good amount of time trying to take them out they won’t. So replacing the ear cushions might not be a possibility.

 Now going back to flexibility, This headphone doesn’t have a built in swivel. But because the headphone is so flexible you can make it “kinda” swivel. It’s not really a full turn but it can move in towards you, and out. The main flexibility comes from the headband which I’ll be going over now. 

The headband is made from the hard plastic but surrounding it is nicely stitched leather. The headband padding like most headphones are made from the same material as the ear cushions. So just like the ear cushions this headband’s padding is made from memory foam. I would have liked it if there was just the slightest bit less of the foam. It wasn’t an issue but for personal preferences I would have liked less. 

Is the Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Glasses Friendly-

 Yes, I personally don’t wear glasses, but my younger sister does. So I had her wear the Razer headphones with her glasses on for a good amount of testing time. After the testing I asked her a couple of questions about how it felt and was there any discomfort. 

She said that it didn’t hurt to wear them at all. She loved how they fit and even with her glasses no extra pressure was applied to her face. Just to make sure that she wasn’t just saying stuff I put on her glasses and to my surprise she wasn’t lying. If I were playing a game I would have no clue that I was wearing glasses.

Mic Check 1,2-

With Razers microphone you can choose between having and/or not having a windscreen microphone end. For those who don’t know, a windscreen end is just the little foam end on the microphone that you might see on game shows. 

You don’t have to pay any extra for it. The package that you get supplies it, but if you don’t like how it looks or you don’t want it you can easily slide it off. What this windscreen necessarily does is reduce any wind and block out extra background noises. 

The mic itself isn’t bad at all. As always I went into a party with different groups of people and asked how I sound. All of the groups that I went into said I sounded about the same that I normally would with my main headphone. They also said it sounded good but I could tell they weren’t like “wow this is the best microphone that i’ve heard”.  Overall a very good microphone, nothing out of the ordinary but i’ll still give it a thumbs up.

Headphone Features-

Everything that controls the headphone is going to be on the back of the left ear cushion. The controls include a volume knob, a mute mic button and an additional button to turn your headphone on and off. A feature that I like is that when adjusting your volume there’s a little indent that signals you’re at the halfway point until max volume. 

Everything was also very easy to turn, press and just use in general. I will confirm that the headphones’ hyper speed connection is a real thing. Even though the headphones couldn’t connect to my Xbox I tried it on my PC and it connected instantly. 

It was really amazing how fast it connected and how it actually sounded a bit better than when using the cord. Before I forget to mention it , the Razer Blackshark headphone is equipped with THX audio. This makes for a better, more immersed gaming experience.

I felt that the ratio of padding to headphone was really good, though yet again I would have liked it better if it had the smallest bit less of the padding. Nevertheless, saying that might be an over exaggeration. I truly never cared how much there was until I started to deeply explore and test this headphone.

I can tell you that this headphone won’t disappoint. Tons of people love this headphone including me, and I hope you’ll love it too.  


  • Super Comfortable

  • Microphone is up to date

  • Low Clamping Force

  • Amazing sound


  • Can’t Swivel

  • The adjuster is two thin metal rods


The Razer Blackshark was an excellent headphone. I love how all of the parts really fit in well with this headphone. I was really surprised when I looked back at the price because I was thinking for this headphone it would be more. Everything from the materials used to the way the headphone was designed really shocked me. 

I also love how they made some of the function buttons bigger to make it easier to locate when in game. Nothing concerns me about this headphone except for that dang metal adjusting bar. If they where the slightest bit bigger I would’ve had no problem being that small.

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