Turtle Beach Elite Pro2 Review

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 Headset, is unquestionably something to look forward to. From the headphones durable comfort to Its multi platform compatibility you have to give this headphone a try.

Not to mention their pro aero fit ear cushions, and large 50MM nano-clear speakers will provide you with an outstanding gaming experience. The speakers provide clear sound allowing you to hear every part of the game. While it’s professional gaming microphone will allow you to call out enemies from afar.

In addition, I can’t forget to mention their glasses’ friendly design. This will eliminate the temples from pressuring hard against your face. This was tested and was successful so now please enjoy the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2  just as much as I did!


When I received the Turtle Beach Elite Pro2 headset my initial thought was that it was just like any ordinary headphone packaging. It was exceptionally well put together, and had a clean logo to finish it off. But what I didn’t know was that inside of the package was an unblemished case that was very sleek, and impressively straightforward.

Already thrilled and quite amazed at how this was put together, I quickly opened it up to find the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headphones snug in a 3 and ½ inch thick piece of foam. Just by looking at it I took a liking to everything about it. It is a simple and beautiful headphone that is quite delightful to look at. It’s stainless steel headband and all white look added a professional touch.

 In the case accompanied by the headphone included their 3.5mm audio cable that produces quality audio.

Now me being very curious to see if anything else came in the pack. I lifted up the piece of foam to eventually reveal an accessories case and in it came two microphone’s. One that you can attach to the Turtle Beach headphone and is best used when gaming with all your buddies. The other one is a 3.5mm mobile inline microphone for when you’re “out and about” and want to listen to some music on your mobile device.

Accessories Case-

In the accessories case come’s a pc splitter or a Y splitter this will allow PC players to use this headphone. Xbox One,Ps4 Pro and Ps4, Nintendo Switch,Pc Gaming, and even your mobile phone, computer, and iPad are capable of using this headphone.

Also included at the bottom of the box is a literature pamphlet that has everything you need to get started. It has a quick start guide, and information on every way you can contact Turtle Beach if there’s a problem. It even comes with a sticker to put on your device to show that Turtle Beach is #1.

Quality and Durability of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2-

First time buyers of headphones always have the same problems. Which are, the headphone is too big, too small, or it’s just very uncomfortable to wear. But with Turtle Beach you won’t have any of those problems. Turtle Beach strives to make the best headphones for their customers.

With that they supplied their Elite Pro2 headphones with aero-fit ear cushions that have gel-infused memory foam. This will keep your ears cool and comfortable. You can also swivel/turn the ear cushions 90 degrees to fit your liking. Not to mention that these headphones block out external noise. This allows you to be more focused on what you’re doing  rather than being distracted by the things in the background.

At this present time, the durability mainly comes from the headband and it’s hard plastic exterior. The design incorporates a swappable head cushion that has the same interior design as the ear cushions leading to maximum amount of comfort. Then suspended right above it, is a stainless steel bar. This let’s the head cushion push up right against it for great support.

Every last part of this headphone wires down to the large 50 mm nanoclear speakers! These speakers truly change how you perceive things in game. When testing this I was able to hear enemies farther away leading to more wins. Along with that I definitely saw myself improving in my game play.

 Glasses Friendly Option-

Further into this I have found that for the many of you who wear glasses you don’t need to worry! Accompanied by Turtle Beach ProSpecs, they ensure that their uniquely styled headphones will disengage all pressure from your glasses. This has been tested and works 100%. If you’d like to use this option you can find out how to adjust this feature in the quick start guide.

How much do these Headphones cost? Is it worth it?-

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro2 headphone goes for around $100-$130 dollars depending on what extra accessories you get with the headphone. Nowadays people always ask “Well is this a good price? Or, “Am I getting the best quality for my dollar”. The simple response to those questions are, kind of.

This headphone is amazing, don’t get me wrong but I’ve tested lower priced headphones and the quality of those headphones can be about the same and sometimes better. Although there are some minor flaws that could easily be fixed. For how much you’re paying this isn’t the most attractive price.

 Though Turtle Beach will unquestionably provide you with amazing quality. Starting with their glasses friendly option, outstanding durability, Great customer service, and so much more . As I said before there are some minor flaws. Which includes the headphone being a little heavier than I’d like. Leading it to feel a little weird when using it for the first time.  

Because of it being a little heavy it uses higher clamping force making it uncomfortable until you break into them.

Wireless vs. Wired-

Wired vs. Wireless, which one is better, has been a discussion that people all over the world have had and many people do actually wonder, especially in the gaming industry which one is better. Well that answer is up to you, do you prefer wired where you have to deal with all the untangling or would you rather deal with the headset not connecting fast enough, with a wireless headset.

I personally prefer wired. The reason for this is because after a certain amount of time I forget it’s even there and it’s so easy to use. Just plug in the cords and you’re ready to go! The reason I don’t prefer wireless is because a lot of the time with wireless headphones after a certain amount of time it takes longer for them to connect. So if you’re one of the people that don’t like wired at all I don’t recommend this headphone for you but I would recommend at least trying it out.

How does the Elite Pro2 compare with other Headphones-

Many people wonder how this headphone compares to higher end headphones or headphones around the same price range. Furthermore, what I have found is that the overall quality of the Elite Pro2 headphone is good but not the best that I’ve seen. However, I could definitely see myself using and improving game-play wise through using this headphone. Of Course, if you buy a more expensive headphone there’s going to be more features . But if you don’t have the money, or aren’t trying to spend much on a headphone I would recommend this headphone to you.

So overall Yes this is a really good headphone with really good features. I would say that Yes, this can compare to more expensive headphones but some of the features like their sound cancelling could use some improvement. I’ll finish off by saying “Great headphone, would love to see little improvements”.


  • Excellent Build Quality

  • Great In game noise

  • Comes with multi-compatibility


  • High Clamping Force until broken into

  • Microphone isn’t up to date


The Turtle Beach headset really surprised me and was a delight to experiment with. As a kid I always wanted to have or at least try out the Turtle Beach headphones but I never had the chance to. Now that I finally had the opportunity to try it I definitely recommend their headphones to anyone. Their affordable prices make it easy for anyone to get. Together with the Elite Pro2’s durability it’ll last you a long time. Furthermore, saving you a little bit of money for the future. 

One thing that I noticed over the time of me experimenting and working with this headphone is that Turtle Beach wants to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied with their product. This is really shifting back to the pro spec friendly glasses design that ensures that everyone who wears glasses won’t have the temple pressuring against their head. Now go ahead and try it yourself. I promise you’ll love it!

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