These are the worst Gaming Headsets on Amazon.

All of this year and last year, everyone has been talking about the Best Gaming Headsets of 2021. However, today I’m taking the opposite route. I’ll be sharing with you guys The Worst Gaming Headsets to buy on Amazon in 2021.

These headsets were definitely hard to find considering every gaming headset had a high review. I had to scroll and search through hundreds of reviews just to find which Gaming Headsets were actually good or bad.

Now please sit back relax and make sure that you are avoiding these Gaming Headsets at all cost.

#1 ZIUMIER Gaming Headset

Zumier Gaming Headset

This headset might seem good because of it’s 4 and a half stars however, when I came across this headset that wasn’t the case. At the time this headset had over 4,000 reviews and I was really curious to see what people were saying about it and when I looked at the reviews I was shocked.

Most of the reviews that had a 5 star was only because the headset had “pretty lights”. One of the reviews even saying that most of the stuff didn’t work but still gave the review a 5 star because of the “pretty lights”

A real Amazon review even said ” Don’t get it just because it looks super pretty” he then went on saying “Love the looks but hate how it’s made gaming hard for me.” This really caught my eye because this happened to so many customers.

Many say that the microphone didn’t work or that it was just really bad. But the thing that I found the most is that people were saying that It lasted for no time at all. This was probably the #1 concern and that’s why this gaming headset is going on this list.

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What You Should Buy Instead

(Trust me when I say this is way better.) This is the Steelseries Arctis 3. It has compatibility for all most all of the devices you like to play on. It is also much comfier and has way better sound quality. In addition to that it has a better looking design and its only $30 more than ZIUMIER.

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#2 Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon

I truly do love Turtle Beach and their brand but, what is this! Right off the bat you can tell that this will not last that long. The forks (One of the main structural components) looks like its made out of legos.

I didn’t even have to buy this to tell that your head is going to hurt because if you zoom in on the top of the headband there is no padding whatsoever. Even though this is a really cheap headset I have definitely seen better. Especially since this was made by Turtle Beach I thought there would be more thought going into this one.

Even a lot of the people who gave it a 4 star said “eh”. Im not trying to put a bad impression on Turtle Beach but this just isn’t it. Make sure to stay away from this Gaming Headset unless of course you want to spend $25 dollars on it

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What You Should Buy Instead

This is the JBL Quantum 100. Right now and for a limited time this headset is only $30 so get it while this deal last. But the reason why you should buy this headset instead of the other is because it is only around $10-$20 more than the Turtle Beach Recon. It also has better durability so now you know that your headset won’t break within a month. In general this headset surpasses the Turtle Beach Headset by miles and its only a couple dollars more.

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#3 PHOINIKAS Gaming Headset

I could tell right off the bat that this would be a fun one to check out. Like always it has High star ratings but what people say changes my opinion quickly. I decided to see what people in the 4 star category said just to give me an idea of what this headset was really about. But instead I got “this headset cannot be worn for a long time” and “There was no bass like it advertised.”

I was assuming this was going to be in the 3 star section not 4. Someone else replied ” You can only hear out of one ear when gaming.” some else posted something very similar to this but you get the idea. Also there are too many buttons on the one side of the headset if it was spread around a little more that would make sense but why put all the buttons on one side of the headset.

All around its cheap. The materials, and how much it actually cost. So I guess you get what you pay for.

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What You Should Buy Instead

The Razer Kraken is definitely a budget headset that works very well in all the fields of sound, comfort, etc. I Chose this headset because its affordable and 10 times better than the PHOINIKAS. It might cost a little more but its so much more worth it.

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#4 Logitech G935

The Logitech G935 is definitely more of a higher end headset to this list. Which definitely means that it has less flaws but, here’s why I put it in the list.

First off for the price you could definitely get something better like the Razer Blackshark or even the Logitech G Pro X. Secondly a lot of people were sating that the sound would randomly just shut off. Which is really strange for a headset to do that and it’s also really rare so it could have just happened to those unlucky few.

Though, the #1 reason why I put it on this list is because everything is really off and for the price that you are paying you might as well just go and look for another headset for the same price.

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What You Should Buy Instead

This is the cheaper and way better version of the Logitech G935. If you don’t know this is the Logitech G Pro X. Its super comfortable and doesn’t have weird shaped ear cushions like the G935. It’s design is modern and simplistic enough to appreciate all the design features. Everything on the headset is easy to reach and find within seconds. The sound is very impressive and with the microphones blue voice technology your teammates will always be able to hear your call outs.

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#5 UNIOJO Gaming Headset

Many people said that the lights on this headset didn’t even work which is sad to me because that’s the big key point to this headset.

It is just a really cheap headset so most of the stuff that people usually look forward to just aren’t there. There has been many people saying bad things about this headset and I just wanted to make sure that you know just so the you don’t make the same mistake as them.

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What You Should Buy Instead

This is the Razer Blackshark V2 it is a wired headset with one of the best sounding drivers and has one of the comfiest ear cushions. This headset is very affordable, light on the head, and is very durable. I definitely would use this headset over the UNIOJO

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